Finding the perfect space to host your special moments is akin to discovering a hidden gem in the realm of event venues, where choices abound. Amidst the myriad options, Venue 1912 emerges as a venue and an experience crafted to elevate your events to extraordinary heights. Let’s delve into what makes Venue 1912 stand out, setting it apart from other event venues.

A Symphony of Historic Charm and Modern Elegance

At the heart of Venue 1912’s allure is its architectural splendor. A meticulously renovated 15,000 sq ft historic building, it marries old-world charm with modern amenities seamlessly. As you step through its doors, you are greeted by an ambiance that transcends time, offering a symphony of historic grace and contemporary elegance.

The exterior of Venue 1912 is a testament to its rich history, while the interior exudes sophistication. The second-floor reception area boasts cascading windows that lead to a breathtaking rooftop terrace, offering panoramic views of Sunset Avenue. This architectural fusion creates an enchanting and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for events that are nothing short of magical.

Versatile Spaces, Tailored Experiences

What truly distinguishes Venue 1912 is its commitment to versatility. Each space within the venue is carefully designed to cater to various event sizes and styles. Whether you’re planning an intimate cocktail reception or a grand wedding ceremony, Venue 1912 has the perfect space for you. The Crystal Experience offers an elegant columned ballroom, while the Luxe Experience provides an entire lower level for creative customization. The Sunset Experience, with its expansive lounge area and adjoining rooftop, adds a touch of sophistication to any event.

The venue’s versatility is not confined to its physical spaces alone. Venue 1912 offers a range of event packages crafted to suit diverse needs. From the cozy and beautifully marbled “Marble Experience” to the all-encompassing “1912 Experience,” each package is a testament to Venue 1912’s dedication to providing tailored experiences for its clients.


Exceptional Accommodations for Bridal and Groom Parties

Understanding the importance of the bridal and groom parties, Venue 1912 goes above and beyond to provide exclusive accommodations. The luxury bridal suite is a haven for the bride, featuring an ensuite bathroom, makeup stations, a wedding dress hanger, seating, and a beautiful, full-length mirror. This thoughtfully designed space ensures that pre-wedding preparations are a routine and a cherished part of the celebration.


Seamless Services, Stress-Free Celebrations

Venue 1912 is not just a venue but an experience curated to perfection. The dedicated staff at Venue 1912 oversees every detail, ensuring that every moment of your event is relaxed and carefree. From event planning and decor to floral consultations and day-of coordination, the team at Venue 1912 is committed to transforming your vision into a seamless reality.

Unique Event Spaces Within Venue 1912

Venue 1912 offers five unique event spaces, each with its own character and charm:

  • Marble Experience: A cozy space with a beautifully marbled concrete floor, perfect for intimate gatherings.
  • Crystal Experience: An elegant columned ballroom with crystal chandeliers, ideal for larger guest counts and upscale events.
  • Luxe Experience: One of the most popular packages, offering the entire lower level for creative freedom and access to luxury amenities.
  • Sunset Experience: A spacious 3,000 sq ft space, perfect for a sophisticated lounge experience with an adjoining rooftop.
  • 1912 Experience: The epitome of grandeur, offering approximately 15,000 sq ft of usable space for a truly one-of-a-kind event.

Pricing Packages: Transparent and Tailored

Venue 1912 believes in transparency and flexibility when it comes to pricing. The pricing packages for 2023 and 2024 are designed to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Whether you opt for the intimate “Marble Experience” or the grandeur of the “1912 Experience,” you can be assured that the pricing reflects the quality and excellence that define Venue 1912.

Complimentary and Add-On Services: Elevating Every Detail

Venue 1912 goes the extra mile to make your event truly special. Complimentary services for weddings include transportation within a 50-mile radius, champagne with the option of mimosas, beer for the entire wedding party, and a delightful Charcuterie Board for the bride and groom. Additionally, Venue 1912 offers add-ons such as overnight stays, a photo booth, and personalized bar services, allowing you to tailor your event to perfection.